The Internet

Welcome To My Website On The Internet. This Is My Year 9 Compute Science "Internet" Topic Assessment.

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What Is A Webpage?

A Webpage Is Either A Home Page Or Other Page On A Website.

Internet Keywords

- Internet Service Provider(ISP)

Like Vodafone or Spark.

- Browser

A Search Engine Like Chrome or Google.

World Wide Web(WWW)

An Informational System On The Internet Which Connects Documents With Documents Using Links


A Block Of Data Transmitted Across A Network. Computer Communications Links That Do Not Support Packets, Such As Traditional Point-To-Point Telecommunications Links, Simply Transmit Data As A Bit Stream.

Local Area Network(LAN)

Computer Network That Links Devices Within A Building Or Group Of Adjacent Buildings, Especially One With A Radius Of Less Than 1 KM. Ethernet And Wi-Fi Are The Two Most Common Transmission Technologies In Use For Local Area Networks.

Radio Access Network(RAN)

A RAN Is Part Of A Mobile Telecommunication System. It Implements A Radio Access Technology.

Wide Area Network(WAN)

A WAN Is A Telecommunications Network Or Computer Network That Extends Over A Large Geographical Distance. Wide Area Networks Are Often Established With Leased Telecommunication Circuits.

- Modem

Used As A Source Of Internet That Is Wired (Ethernet).

- User

A Person Who Uses The Internet

- Fibre Optic Cable

Fibre Optic Cables Are Cables That Produce Fibre At Light Speed

- Router

Provides Wireless Connection. Routers Perform The Traffic Directing Functions On The Internet.

- Device

A Thing Made For A Particular Purpose

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

A Webpage Resourcer Which Finds The Webpage Your Looking For

IP Address (Internet Protocol)

An Identifier For Your Network System (

DNS (Domain Name Server)

A Server Trying To Match Words And Numbers Together For Your Webpage HTTP Address

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

A Coding Language Like Python And Javascript. Also Used For Making This Website

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)

The Code That Makes Your Website Address An Actual Address

- Webserver

A Computer Set Up In Data Centers Operated By Hosting Companies And They Store Website Info

- Web Hosting

It Is Something That Uses HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) To Form Language. Also Allows Individuals And Organizations To Make Their Website Accessible Via The World Wide Web.

Everything You Need To Know On Web Hosting

- Network

At Tawa College My Network Is Made Of The Following

What Can I Do On The Tawa College Network

  1. Use My Gmail
  2. Use E2Learn
  3. Search The World Wide Web
  4. Access My H-Drive
  5. Use Google Drive Instead Of Books
  6. Log On To Any Computer In The School
Everything You Need To Know On Web Hosting